Antix на Fluxbox и Icewm

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Re: Antix на Fluxbox и Icewm

Сообщение Mamed8 » 28 сен 2016, 23:27

Just done fresh install and upgrade of Antix M8, sfxgied the Nvidia drivers and copied my M8 custom xorg.conf for my dual head laptop swxga monitor setup, must say its pretty slick looking - gonna be hard to choose between M8 64bit session or Antix 32 bit session
One issue I have with this super wide screen setup in IceWM is that although the desktop background image and cursor fill all available screen space, windows connot be dragged all the way to the 2nd screen laptop lcd - there is an invisible wall about a fifth of the way over This isnt a problem in Fluxbox however - and I will probably default to using it anyway - but this may be of issues to other users - wonder why IceWM doesnt like it?

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Re: Antix на Fluxbox и Icewm

Сообщение adventurer » 29 сен 2016, 06:10

Mamed8, вот, что написано в Правила форума:
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1.1. Другие языки допускаются только в цитатах (и только в тех случаях, когда это оправдано).

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